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How to reduct trace metals in dog food

Reduce Trace Metals in Your Pet Food with Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat

It’s no secret that pets have become members of the family, and it is certainly reflected in the spending of pet parents. The American Pet Products Association reports that spending topped $147 billion in the United States, and forecasts that number to exceed $150 billion in 2024, with roughly 44% of that spend in the food and treat category. As pet parents become more educated on the quality and ingredients of the food they are feeding their four-legged loved ones, many are turning to premium brands to ensure a healthy diet. Pure Ingredients in Pet Food Formulations Increase Nutritional Value, Decrease Trace Metals Today, it is more common than ever to hear pet parents talk of reading the labels when making decisions about which food to buy. They are interested in the key source of protein, grains and other ingredients that top the list on the back of the bag. But there is more to the story than just the ingredients – and that is the purity of the ingredients in the formulation. Pet parents are increasingly interested in diets that are designed specifically for their pet’s breed, age and overall health. These formulations must contain accurate supplementation of key macronutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, which are good for bones and teeth and micronutrients such as iron, which is good for all cells and

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Salmonella in Dog Food

Reduce the Risk of Salmonella Contamination in your Pet Food

Salmonella contamination is a serious concern for all pet food manufacturers. It creates a safety risk for customers, and the employees in the facilities where ...

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