Our product is refined, and removes the “gunk” (salts, metals, bio materials) from standard chicken fat. This creates a much safer, stable and operationally efficient product.

Yes, there is a cost to refine our product and create all the benefits that come with it. Our customers say that the price difference is made up for by all the benefits. In real world application, Gold Shield Refined Chicken Fat can potentially IMPROVE your P&L.

Our ingenious technology removes the FEED SOURCE for Salmonella. The “old way” was to add kill chemicals to minimize risk, but it is clear that this does not always work (30% of all recalls are because of Salmonella).  We know that removing the risk at the start is the safest way, and our customers are very happy with the results.

We remove up to 5% of the raw materials we process. This is the water, waste, and gunk that many manufacturers receive with standard chicken fat. By removing this before you receive it, our product is up to 5% more valuable from the start…before the “benefits” are realized.

We have proven studies (see our white paper HERE) that show our product is effective without the use of significant chemicals or antioxidants. While some brands spend up to $.10/LB for costly antioxidants, our product can save you money as we require far less. Gold Shield removes the non-fat impurities that are a part of rendered chicken fat.  This includes the bio material, salts, metals and other gunk.  Because this material contributes to the degrading of the product over time, removing it improves the stability of the ingredient, requiring less antioxidant and creating considerable savings.

Realize ALL the benefits of our Gold Shield Refined Chicken Fat for YOUR brand.

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