Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat

Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat is a multi-benefit ingredient for use in pet food that has been designed to replace standard chicken fat. Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat will reduce the risk of Salmonella contamination, increase product stability and quality, and improve plant operations. Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat (now available from Pet Food Solutions, LLC) is a consistent high quality chicken fat from which most of the non-fat impurities found in standard rendered chicken fat have been removed.

HACCP Certified

Guardian Says

You get 100% usable product in your shipment of Gold Shield™! It’s like getting 5% more product every time when you factor in the waste of regular chicken fat!
Salmonella CANNOT grow in Gold Shield Refined Chicken fat, because we have removed the feed source for Salmonella. The FDA will appreciate the far fewer safety issues.
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Some manufacturers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on unscheduled maintenance because of line clogs and additional tank cleanings. Not Gold Shield Refined Chicken Fat customers!
Product quality and brand integrity are buzz words to many manufacturers. Our customers are committed to using the very best product available.

Why is Safety Important?

Safety is and will always be our #1 solution. The FDA has a zero-tolerance policy for Salmonella in pet diets, but Salmonella  contamination continues to be the leading cause of recalls of pet food. Salmonella contamination of dry pet food has been directly linked to human infection – often in small children.

Why is Stability Important?

Stability determines the quality and integrity of your brand. Our product has been proven more stable, requiring significantly fewer additives, and saving cost for your manufacturing process.

Why are Improved Operations Important?

Time is money, and we can save you both time and extra work. Current customer feedback has provided real world examples of the efficiency benefits for Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat. Because of the lack of materials which can clog lines and nozzles, fewer unscheduled maintenance stops are required. Also, fewer tank cleanings are required with this product over time. The value of this extra benefit can be a material difference, resulting in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Why is Value Important?

We all want value, including manufacturers, and consumers. Ultimately, the final value is determined by the range of benefits received for a given product. Our multi-benefit Gold Shield Refined Chicken Fat offers a range of benefits that more than make up for the cost. Contact us to learn more about the wide range of benefits and what they can mean to your overall brand and value proposition.

Why is Palatability Important?

We want our pets to enjoy their food. This is particularly important given the scent capacity of dogs. Gold Shield® Refined Chicken fat is pure chicken fat, but without all the gunk that normally accompanies this type of rendered product. Because it is pure fat, it performs at least as good as and sometimes better than standard chicken fat used in many pet food formulations. Give your customers the best ingredients with Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat.

The Difference is Clear

Gold Shield®: The difference is clear for quality, stability, efficiency, service, consistency, and peace of mind. Whether it is in the look of our product, the performance of the ingredient, or the day to day service levels we provide, the difference will be very clear.

Let's be Clear.

Gold Shield® is the clear, clean choice – and we are proud to be an elite industry supplier. We promise you’ll experience:


The Best Product Available


Peace of Mind Turnkey Solutions


Exceptional Service Levels


Real Product Value

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