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At Pet Food Solutions we provide safer, better quality, higher value, and cleaner products for pet food producers.  Our Gold Shield® Refined Chicken Fat is the new standard in the industry. Salmonella contamination of pet food is a serious concern, and our technology creates a product that can significantly reduce the risk to major pet food suppliers and the end user.
Our patent pending refinement technology provides several benefits including inhibition of Salmonella growth, improved stability and quality, operational efficiencies, reduced risk of foreign materials, and a clean / green / no waste production process.

Guardian Says

You get 100% usable product in your shipment of Gold Shield™! It’s like getting 5% more product every time when you factor in the waste of regular chicken fat!
Salmonella CANNOT grow in Gold Shield Refined Chicken fat, because we have removed the feed source for Salmonella. The FDA will appreciate the far fewer safety issues.
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Some manufacturers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on unscheduled maintenance because of line clogs and additional tank cleanings. Not Gold Shield Refined Chicken Fat customers!
Product quality and brand integrity are buzz words to many manufacturers. Our customers are committed to using the very best product available.

Our Management Team

Jodi McCarthy


Kyle Wiley

Logistics and Procurement Manager

Sarah Neighbors


Craig Grantham

Craig Grantham

Director, Business Development

Dr. James Peterson

Leader, Research and Development

Scott Lewis

Director of Operations

Why Choose Us

Gold Shield® is the clear, clean choice – and we are proud to be an elite industry supplier. We promise you’ll experience:


The Best Product Available


Peace of Mind Turnkey Solutions


Exceptional Service Levels


Real Product Value

The Difference is Clear

Honor your brand promise of QUALITY and INTEGRITY. We get rid of the gunk, so you don’t pay for it.

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